Crafted for adventurers and connoisseurs of quality outdoor time, our fire pit is a synonym for innovation and convenience.

Its compact and lightweight construction ensures easy transport and storage, while offering a multitude of usage possibilities.

Suitable for any situation – from a warm evening at home to an adventurous vacation in the mountains, Tornado Fire Pit is perfect for preparing a variety of dishes: from grilled meat and skewers to cooking with an electric motor /our fire pit is compatible with various types of motors/.

We’ve also thought about a special place for accessories, making every culinary endeavor easier.
Choose Tornado Fire Pit for unforgettable experiences and quality that exceeds expectations.
Turn every gathering into a special event with the magic of Tornado Fire Pit!

Product Sizes (Code Orange):

  • MetalThickness 3 mm (Grill top = 3 or 4 or 5 mm, whatever you choose)
  • Height 11.07 inches (281.25 mm)
  • Width 15.50 inches (393.75 mm)
  • Length 19.19 inches (487.5 mm)
  • Approximate weight – 16 kg (35.27 pounds)

*If you’re in need of a larger, smaller, heavier, or lighter fire pit, be sure to explore our diverse collection, featuring options in core red, orange, yellow, or green to perfectly match your style and requirements.

Assured Quality! Thoroughly Tested and Guaranteed to Fit Perfectly


– Stand with support for three different standard BBQ grill motors.
– Capability to accommodate more than one motor at a time, supporting various standards.
– Options for double and triple reduction mounting.
– Two-level height adjustment for the motor stand.
– Motor stand can be positioned to the sides to protect BBQ motors from heat damage.
– Frame designed to hold skewers in 9 different positions.
– Frame featuring 8 channels (hooks) for skewers, allowing for reheating, warming, and organized – placement of both roasted and unroasted skewers.
– Grill grate designed for easy placement and removal, without interfering with the grill.
– Designed for simultaneous grilling and barbecuing.
– Includes hooks as an attachment to organize accessories like gloves, forks, spatulas, brushes, etc.
– All parts of the fire pit can be fastened together with bolts.
– Bottom of the fire pit can be fixed at two different levels.
– Equipped with handles for easy carrying and movement, even without removing the grill (Note: Do not move when the fire pit is lit).
– Suitable for burning both wood and charcoal.

Product Information:

This is a digital product. Upon purchase, you will receive access to a downloadable archive of DXF files. These files are compatible with all or most CNC laser machines for laser cutting. The fire pit design is optimized for 3 mm thick sheets.

Material Recommendations:

S235 (corrosive but more affordable), which can be treated with fireproof paint or anti-corrosion spray.
INOX 304 (SS304 stainless steel), offering the highest quality.
Note: Accessories displayed are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the set.

Usage Terms:

After purchasing the files, you are authorized to cut the entire set only once. If you wish to cut the entire set again, you must repurchase the files.

Important Safety Information:

Exercise caution with sharp edges after cutting.
In stormy weather, particularly with lightning, retract or move the fire pit to a safe distance.
Always protect nature, forests, and the environment from fires.
Do not allow small children to approach the fire pit unsupervised.


Modifying, adding to, or removing files is strictly prohibited! Any alteration or reproduction of the files will be subject to legal action. After purchasing, you are permitted to cut the entire set only once. For additional cuts of the entire set, repurchase of the files is required.

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